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The pioneer in quality Pre-School education, Angel Kids started in 2002. Having been around for over two decades, we understand the dynamics of running a Pre-School.

Our Founders

The Thought leaders

Reshma Shettty

Angel kids is the  brainchild of Reshma Shetty, founder director and principal, whose mother retired as principal in Mumbai as well. Having gained some experience in handling school children as a franchisee of NIIT Leda, and after being convinced that rote learning was not the way to learn, she ventured into preschool in january 2002 surveying the preschool market in mumbai for a year, during which time she attended workshops conducted by AMI Montessori and Waldorf methodology. She also underwent a certificate course in preschool teacher training and regularly updates herself attending education related seminars and workshops. She is also an alumni of Indian School of Business sponsored by Goldman Sachs for women entrepreneurs.

Ramakrishna Shetty

Mr. Ramakrishna Shetty had completed his MBA, Post graduation in Hotel Management, diploma in personal management and Taxation. He is a seasoned veteran with over 35 years of experience in business in the fields of hospitality, finance and insurance. He handled all the administrative and management duties of the organisation while his wife could live out her dream focussing on the curriculum and the  teaching. He was instrumental in ensuring the number one position of their NIIT Leda Center in Hyderabad, even in the case of Angel Kids, he ensured not just the survival but also that it had the highest number of children in the vicinity in spite of some large national level chains competing with angel kids. 

Success comes with the leader

Angel Kids is a unit of  M/s RatikEdfun Pvt. Ltd. Incorporated on 21st Jan 2000. One of the first few preschools in Hyderabad to have started with playgroup as Reshma Shetty one of the founders understood the importance of positively stimulating children from an extremely young age and the impact it would have in the future. Angel kids came about the same time when her daughter was looking to go to school, she wanted her daughter to have an alternative to rote learning approach but also happened to understand the importance of conventional schooling. As you may have guessed her daughter was the first student of Angel kids along with nine others while they were looking to bring the best of both worlds in the early education and childcare space. It has been two decades to that day, and today, Angel kids is a world of  joyful learning. 

At Angel kids, we strongly believe that academics alone is not the only evaluating criteria for education and more so at such an early age, we believe a conducive and friendly learning atmosphere opens up opportunities for children to be independent and builds a strong holistic foundation to a more structured education system in the future. The teachers are trained to be facilitators to provide for a safe structured inclusive setting that encourages and inspires children to be the best versions of themselves. This is furthermore reflected in our child centric teaching methodology, that brings out social, emotional, artistic and cognitive abilities of the Child. 

The teachers act as facilitators to construct meaning and explore the possibilities of early childcare. Instilling a love for school and learning is at the heart of Angel Kids. We believe in providing a safe, structured, inclusive setting that supports, encourages and inspires every child. Our fundamental belief is that children learn best through meaningful play. This belief reflects in our child-centric program that integrates the cognitive, social, physical, emotional, language, and artistic areas for the holistic development of the child.

angel kids annual day

What our Parents have to say about us

I am so thankful to have my two children be a part of Angel Kids. Such an amazing family like environment each day. I absolutely adore the school!!! Everyone is so warm and friendly. They make the child very comfortable and build their confidence. Not only they teach basics, but they also have interesting lessons, that teach the children beyond reading and writing.
Mrs. Ginni Hurria Khanna
It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Angel Kids preschool.We were incredibly blessed to have our son attending Angel Kids Preschool. As soon as you enter Angel Kids each day, you are greeted by such a friendly, engaging and nurturing educators. They take the time to know each child and their families so that everyone is comfortable; the children and the parents!
Mrs. Meera Busa
Appreciate the teachers of Angel Kids with the way they groomed my kids . This was a gate of entering to the external world & learning for them . Thank you Reshma mam & Ramkrishna Sir for creating the very concept Angel Kids.
Mr. Dinesh Sathe